【Bad Bonn Kilbi】

Bad Bonn in Düdingen is no longer a health resort, yet a trip to the concert venue at Lake Schiffenen has been a joy for many.

Where the hell is Bad Bonn? At the end of Bonnstrasse-Road - in the arse end of nowhere - say urban visitors, there is a house. Behind the unpretentious, almost conservative façade, an unexpectedly varied concert programme is proposed, whose add could just as well hang in London, Berlin or Paris. Metal, antifolk, country, electronica, indie or hip hop; we have room for the whole range of niche and periphery products of the pop music world.

Obeying fashions is trivial, what interests us more is the social side of events and the coming together of opposing trends. Bad Bonn is a peaceful rock hole, which is open to members of all levels of society, and it is a place where one can also simply have a drink and a chat.

Since 1991 approx. 1,500 bands stood on the little scene. Labelled “the best festival of Switzerland” by famous music and art journalists, the event has a proper place in every diary. This is not only due to the stubborn design of the programme, but the informal atmosphere and the experienced and most friendly staff play an important role as well. Complemented with a stroll to the idyllic sandy beach a visit becomes a unique experience. In the early Sixties the artificial Lake Schiffenen flooded the old Bonn spa with all its beauty, the chapel and the suspension bridge and some houses. The castles on the majestic sand stone rocks sit like watchmen on the language barrier.

A hearty welcome!

Curated by 【Bad Bonn Kilbi】 at 【FIFTY LAB 2021】