debby friday


DEBBY is Nigerian-born electronic musician based in Toronto. For her debut she worked with Graham Walsh, Juno and Polaris Prize nominated producer. The jump up in production value adds a sort of heft and pull to the genre-flexibility on parade here: think of it a little like Sevdaliza meets Death Grips.

Lucid, acid housey, high-BPM track “I GOT IT” has her unprecedentedly cocksure and vainglorious. She’s still drawn to certain keys and moods (the brooding D and F minor are all over this album) to suggest melancholia, darkness.

However, the lead single “SO HARD TO TELL" sheds all of her signature industrial tropes, to deliver a completely out of pocket, and totally assured, falsetto pop song. This sun-bright track is a crucial signifier in FRIDAY’S expansion.

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