Presented by Boomtown • BE

Friday 18.11 • 20:00 - 20:40 | Beursschouwburg / Silver Space

Dishwasher_ makes jazz for the non jazzbelievers. The three Ghent based washers at your service try to scrub down all possible walls between genres to create a fresh smelling sound and style. Because of a big admiration for computer produced music the trio approaches their rather conventional instruments in such a way there is no association left with a classic jazz trio. Live, through improvisation, their energetic set takes unexpected twists where compositions are stretched, altered or broken down so the band and thus the audience can fully surrender to the moment. Since their very start last year, they won the Sounds Of Sprouts competition, Jazz Awards Maastricht and are in the top 3 of Young Jazz Talent Gent.Members of the band are Arno Grootaers (Pavlove), Werend Van Den Bossche and Louise van den Heuvel (Leonore).

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