e/tape & Vincent Rang


Presented by Waking Life • PT

Friday 18.11 • 20:45 - 21:45 | Beursschouwburg / Golden Space

e/tape seeks sounds between worlds. Born in Bosnia in the wake of the Balkan War, raised in Slovenia till age 21, and formed by a constant state of movement, Eli learned to listen in the midst of extreme change. His deep curiosity spawned an anthropological exploration of global cultures, languages, and music that coalesced into his first recording as e/tape in 2009. Since then, e/tape has been a vessel of disparate places and their connections, creating spaces for others to grow and cultivate presence through listening.

Vincent Rang is an experimental visual artist working primarily with moving image as a medium. He believes in the power of moving image and audio as a door into another world. He explores themes of scale, time expererience, natural patterns and symbiosis with audio.

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