Presented by Fifty Lab Music Festival • BE

Thursday 17.11 • 23:00 - 23:40 | Beursschouwburg / Silver Space

Graduated from the Decorative Arts in 2020, ELOI continued her studies at the Beaux Arts de Paris, developing artistic practices that harmonize and merge, navigating between both musical and visual landscapes. A unique self-taught producer, composer and performer, ELOI proves that French pop has a bright future ahead of it. After a short adventure as a duo, ELOI releases in December 2020 her first EP "Acadia" with minimal wave and 80's German pop influences. Filled with nuggets like "Divorce" or "Flamme", the project surprises by its freshness and accuracy. ELOI's voice appears hybrid, between the end of a fallen adolescence and the discovery of a promising adult world. Acedia gives an account of the states of consciousness that I went through these last three years, of my teenage obsessions and of my desire to arm myself with courage to draw a path out of the debris of my existence", she explains. She delivers in May 2022 her 2nd EP "Pyrale" on the label Nadsat of which the track "Jtm de ouf" is the first extract reaching 100 000 listens in two weeks. His way of producing and the virtuosity of his texts are so many promising elements. Real stage ease, ELOI impresses her public thanks to her charisma. The first dates follow one another, for sure Eloi is an artist not to be missed, because the emotions she shares are universal.

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