【Enfant Sauvage】

Curated by Fifty lab 【BE】

【19.11'2021】 · 22:50-23:30 · Viage

Guillaume Alric, better known as half of the duo The Blaze, presents his first solo project Enfant Sauvage. After a three-year tour with The Blaze, the duo felt the need to take a break from this wild, fast-paced journey of exceptional and explosive artistic and emotional intensity - and focus on their desires and personal projects. Guillaume started working on the many pictures he had in his archives, revealing his passion for Clamecy, the place he grew up, as well as for photography itself, which he studied after high school. Clamecy being a small industrial town in Burgundy, oozes a working-class vibe against a backdrop of beautiful nature. Enfant Sauvage is a testimony to an era, the late nineties, but also to a pivotal time of life, when you build your emotional, cultural, romantic and political experiences. It’s a time often filled with pleasure, excess, frustration, and more or less successful projects, but above all, it’s a time to lay the foundations for your art. The topic, the playing field, the stories, the memories to bury or dig up, the influences … it was all there in Guillaume’s archives. ENFANT SAUVAGE is all that: an album, three videos, a graphic and photographic universe, and a live show, which all revolve around this story. Discover the result and let the many poetries of this project touch you. Poetry is, certainly, one of the few remaining things that gives meaning to our work in these troubled times, when we are so deeply stuck “inside ourselves.”