Presented by Fifty Lab Music Festival • BE

Wednesday 16.11 • 23:00 - 23:40 | Beursschouwburg / Silver Space

Melding together elements of punk-infused dancehall, jungle, bass and pop, Grove is a Bristol-based producer, vocalist and DJ with a constantly morphing sound. Grove’s noise concoctions come from the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies that reside within, filtering them through a sensuous & rave-centric lens, with lyrics inspired political angst and queer euphoria.

As sharp new voice for 2021, Grove released their debut EP ‘Queer + Black’ in February. ‘Queer + Black’ is an exploration of identity, both personal and political, and a deft combination of sharp hooks and splintering beats beamed in from a club in 3021 AD. This was compounded at the end of 2021 with a collaboration track ‘BBB’ with quickly ascending queer icon Links, and another EP ‘SPICE’ with production from members of Giant Swan and YOKEL, connecting dots between queerness and dancehall music.

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