Inturist - an alter ego of Evgeny Gorbunov, Tel Aviv based musician and media artist, owner of a label "Incompetence Records" and author/co-author of music projects ГШ/Glintshake, Interchain, NRKTK, also bass player and co-author of Kate NV's album "Room for the Moon" (RVNG Intl.)

Inturist finds an inspiration in everyday life, which in project’s discourse is built on absurdity, randomness and unpredictability. He also explores the post- Soviet trauma and transfers memories of it to the contemporary context and now to the context of other countries.

The approach of Inturist is based on improvisation. The project's lineup is constantly changing, from a solo act or duet to a four-piece band. In addition to the musical work, Inturist is a theatrical project — his latest album is a radio play called "Neznakomka", a full-fledged absurdist piece where voices and narrative are intertwined with abstract musical ornament.

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