Jailed Jamie


Jaime Tellado aka Skygaze has been an active part of the Spanish electronic underground scene since 2013. In 2019 he began his journey as Jailed Jamie, a project focused on dance and raw sounds. The album "Rave Tool" was selected among the best of the national harvest of 2019. After this LP, he published a series of maxis on labels such as Breaking Bass or SinHilo that led him to perform at festivals such as the Brave Factory in Kyiv or for the "Spain Arts&Culture" platform in the US and for emblematic clubs of the Iberian peninsula. 

In 2023 he joins forces with the Gijón label Antic Mass for the release of his second full-length album called "Gimme Something To Break". A heterogeneous album, which pays a tribute to the past, at the end of the 90s and the beginning of the current century, to already timeless genres such as BigBeat, BreakBeat, Jungle or Electro. Without any doubt, the darkest and most danceable work that the Asturian has produced to date.


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