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The product of Caribbean/Indian/Filipino/Welsh singer and producer Kiddus’ musical stylings are as eclectic as his upbringing, splicing R&B, punk, afrobeat, indie-pop and drill into something starkly unique.

Emerging in 2019 with his entirely self-produced debut EP “Snake Girl - Disc 1” and it’s equally DIY music videos, the elusive artist landed himself on Giles Petersons’ Future Bubblers roster and impressed with live audio/visual shows that featured Kiddus juggling vocals, guitar, sampler and projector visuals in an eclectic acid-trip of a live-set.

After a busy year of collabs, remixes and singles via Brownswood Recordings, Kitsuné Musique and his own label ‘Ends World Fair’ - Kiddus returns to cap off his debut project with “Snake Girl - Disc 2” later this year.