Presented by Fifty Lab Music Festival • BE

Thursday 17.11 • 20:50 - 21:30 | Brasserie Surréaliste

Originally from Chile, Lazuli has been living in Lyon for five years, where she started rapping in 2020. Her first EP Zero, entirely produced by the beatmaker Izen, immediately opened the doors of the emerging French scene to her. It was during her trip to Brazil, where she shot the videos for "Zero", "No me tocas", "Papi Chulo" and "Molo", that the young artist decided to give up her job for good to fully dedicate herself to her music. With a mix of club, Latin, pop and rap music in French and Spanish, Lazuli sings of her independence and determination with an addictive nonchalance.

Perfect to be played at a climactic nightclub moment, Lazuli's baile funk, dembow and reggaeton-influenced tunes subvert the codes of these genres with gentle irony, all the while making you sweat. Always surrounded by dancers who know how to "break [their] backs", the artist brings an undeniable energy that quickly catches on with the audience.

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