Curated by Fifty Lab 【BE】

【17.11'2021】 · 22:50-23:30 · Viage

Brooklyn-born and based experimentalist and multi-instrumentalist Taja-Cheek, aka L’Rain, released her second album, Fatigue, in June earlier this year. With an array of keyboards, synths, and hauntingly delicate vocals that create a genre entirely her own, her latest project demands introspection from ready ears. Cheek has dipped her toes in every corner of the arts, at some of the most prestigious art institutions in NYC and collaborations with the likes of Naama Tsabar, Kevin Beasley, Justin Allen and others in contemporary art.

Over the course of 15 tracks, L’Rain invokes and invites us to change, together. Change and changing is not something done alone; it’s a group process. With a release date in 2021, the timing of Fatigue is not coincidental. Collectively, we are navigating the immense and looming figure of unremitting fatigue brought on by the ongoing pandemic, mass death, and continued violence against Black people at the hands of the state.

This album is an exploration of the simultaneity of human emotions… the audacity of joy in the wake of grief, disappointment in the face of accomplishment. The pervasiveness of this layering of emotions can be surprising, empowering and discouraging = to be heard more on this record. You can hear  more of the words; my vocals are louder.”