【M I M I】

Curated by Fifty lab 【BE】

【19.11'2021】 · 00:00-01:00 · Bonnefooi

Born in 1994 in Lusaka, Zambia, from parents of Angolan and Zambian descent, M I M I (aka Maria Green) is a Brussels-based artist & DJ. Living in Belgium since 1998, she explores her Afro-European cultural heritage through different media. She doesn’t stick to any precise musical style, but explores and combines continuously instead. She’s been active in the music scene with DJ collective Lait de Coco and as DJ for Martha Da’ro, as well as once a month on The Word Radio. Searching for inspiration in forward thinking movements while exploring her roots, she approaches arts and music with her own Afro-futuristic vision. Cosmic electronic sounds, bewitching rhythms, percussions, all that blended with the hottest tracks of today.