Curated by Fifty Lab 【BE】

【17.11'2021】 · 20:55-21:35 · AB Club

Singer and producer MEYY picked up the guitar and sat in front of the piano from a young age to become fluent and self-taught at both. Songwriting became a way for her to process her emotions which is evident from the first play of her songs. Her songs are filled with instinctive passion, euphoria, and pain, becoming instantly relatable and striking a chord with a diverse audience. With friend and producer, L’entreinte, she recorded and released her first song, the R&B and neo-soul inspired smash ‘Angelic Lies’ in 2019. Early 2020 saw the drop of her debut EP ‘Spectrum’, a release that sets the tone for her high ambitions, and during the few shows she was able to perform before covid hit the world, it became clear she could own the stage too. She hypnotises the audience by playing with the forcefield between fragility and sensuality. Her debut releases are catching the eyes (and ears!) of producers and labels across the world. She’s consistently writing new material and taking the time to develop and hone her musical vision and lane.