Presented by Fifty Lab Music Festival • BE

Wednesday 16.11 • 20:40 - 21:20 | L'Archiduc

It is ML's trembling heart that serves as the guiding line for this first EP - the beginning of an album to come. A tender, audacious yet fearful heart, on the boundary of unchartered territory, yet determined to make its way through, clearing the brambles and scrambling over the trenches to openly reveal the inner turmoil.

ML, two letters, two initials representing Maria-Laetitia Matter, one of the pillars of Sonnfjord, the rhythmic pop trio she set up with her brother Aurelio Mattern, and a friend of theirs, Francois de Moffarts, in Brussels, their home town. Exit the English lyrics of Sonnfjord, which are replaced by French in her first solo EP. Expressing a desire to convey, at last, the intimacy of doubts and torments in her mother tongue.

A poetic simplicity, charged with an acuteness and a sense of melody. ML unleashes tracks like arrows into the hear

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