【David Numwami】

Curated by Fifty Lab 【BE】

【18.11'2021】 · 20:40-21:20 · L’Archiduc

When he was five years old, David’s mother enrolled him in a music theory course, having heard that music heals wounded souls... Indeed, from the moment he was born, in March 1994, David was plunged into the genocidal chaos of Rwanda. With his mother and older sisters, they will find a new home in Belgium, where David learned to play the guitar at an early age. After his philosophy studies, David pursues his love for music and is noticed by and invited to tour with Charlotte Gainsbourg. It’s during this tour that David’s solo career takes form in the many hotel rooms and backstages where he’s always composing, writing and recording. To him, music is more than a passion, it’s a world of refuge where he escapes harsh reality. He continues touring with Sebastien Tellier and Nicolas Godin (Air) but never stops creating his own world in his own tracks. Finally in 2020, he releases his first singles, followed by his debut EP in 2021. “Numwami World” is R'n'B that is both pure and pop, synthetic and organic, with poetic breaths, keyboards both kawaii and lo-fi, many percussive elements and the acoustic guitar he has had since childhood, dented as it should be, but with a sound that touches the heart. Mixing up sadness with comforting melodies, making people dance with sometimes, in the corner of their eye, an imperceptible tear… Welcome to the world of David Numwami.