Presented by Superbloom • DE

Friday 18.11 • 00:05 - 00:45 | Bonnefooi

orbit is a dream pop project of 26 year old producer and songwriter Marcel Heym.

With a soundscape marked by a blend of raw acoustic sounds and atmospheric synth leads, orbit combines imagery of life in the countryside with a longing for higher purpose. 

After becoming a music producer in his early twenties and moving to Berlin, Marcel realised he could not find happiness in the noise of the metropolitan jungle. Some weeks after escaping the city and going back to his small hometown he launched his first own music project in dedication to his roots.

In Spring 2021, along the latest release “Summer Someday”, orbit called up his followers to co-organise concerts in their hometowns. A few months later Marcel and his friends played over 20 shows at private festivals, in wild forests and backyards all across the country. The tour soon became an expedition into the depth of German independent culture and a movement of true human connection.

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