Curated by Fifty Lab 【BE】

【18.11'2021】 · 22:50-23:30 · Viage

Peet has already made a name for himself on the Brussels rap scene. In the last few years, he has collaborated with Blu Samu, Zwangere Guy and Romeo Elvis, released three albums with his hip hop collective Le 77, a solo mixtape (Mecman) and his very first solo album “Mignon” just came out this year. Peet is a natural in the studio as well as on stage, he has already sold out Ancienne Belgique twice, and hyped crowds in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Canada. For his first solo album "Mignon", released by Universal - Top Notch, Peet surrounded himself with and expanded his sound spectrum with trumpet, bass and keyboards. Swing, Morgan and Zwangere Guy put their voices to work on this opus. "Mignon" is the very honest story of a young Brussels rapper: full of emotion, humor and fragility.