【Rrita Jashari】

Curated by Fifty Lab 【BE】

【18.11'2021】 · 22:30-23:30 · Bonnefooi

Rrita Jashari (1989) was born in Prishtina, Kosovo and moved to Belgium at age 3. She’s always been a music-passionate-person and has been involved in musical projects and collecting vinyl for years now. She’s one of the founders of the Brussels based 54KOLAKTIV and 54 Sound, a Jamaican style handcrafted soundsystem. She’s the programmer at VK Concerts in Molenbeek and a resident DJ at Kiosk Radio. In her DJ-sets, she likes to make people discover music by blending sounds from various eras and areas, ranging from experimental, ethnical and underground music to dancefloor hits or even more poppy music – all of this depending on her mood, the context, place, public and the things she’s been listening to in that specific phase of her life. No music purism!