Santiago Latorre


Presented by Sonár • ES

Thursday 17.11  • 20:45 - 21:25 | Beursschouwburg / Golden Space

The Architecture of Friendship is a collective project inspired by the notion of ecosystem and the value of interdependence led by Spanish composer Santiago Latorre.

The project began in 2016 as an exploration of real time vocal manipulations developed by Latorre. After being away from music making for several years due to an injury in both arms, he started experimenting with contactless movement sensors to modify the sound of his own voice, looking to gain back the feeling of playing an instrument.

Connecting the interest shared by the group in the construction of creative ecologies, non-hierarchical music composition, and collectivity, this album arose from a necessary practice of rest, healing, and care. The sequence of songs is offered as hinges to activate and exercise empathy, sensitive connections, to awaken hope and recharge enthusiasm, perhaps even to encourage care between the familiar and strange.

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