Sara Berts


Presented by Terraforma • IT

Friday 18.11 • 20:10 - 20:50 | Bonnefooi

Turin born and based, Sara Berts is an Italian composer and sound artist. In 20210 she graduated in Sound Engineering at SAE institute Milan. In 2014 she started to collaborate with Scuola Holden as sound designer. She studies traditional ashaninka medicine at Mayantuyacu, center for the study of Amazonian medicinal plants. Her debut EP was released in April 2021 by the Turin-based collective Gang of Ducks

She has collaborated with several artistic organizations and festivals, including Club2Club Festival, Primavera Sound, Cripta747, Nextones, Elementi, Torino Jazz Festival and RBL Torino. Her work is saturated with elements from the natural world blending with electronics. Layering different synth voices with processed field recordings, Sara’s music is a meeting ground, a place of active exchange between two bandwidths of reality, the visible world and its allusive aliveness of another order of being. 

Her works focus on the relationship between nature, sound and healing. Her last work was published in September 2022 by the Japanese label Muzan Editions.

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