Uzi Freyja


Presented by Fifty Lab Music Festival • BE

Friday 18.11 • 22:45 - 23:35 | Bonnefooi

Uzi Freyja was born from the meeting between Kelly Rose and Stuntman5 during an open mic’ in the streets of Nantes. The flow and energy of the English-speaking Parisian of Cameroonian origin put everyone in agreement: They started a collaboration the same day and will be quickly joined by FotonDanger to form a trio. Kelly Rose was raised by a family of musicians in the culture of Gospel and Soul Music (James, Franklin, Turner, Simone).

As a teenager, she sees hip hop coming to her as a matter of course: Eminem, Queen Latifah and then Nicki Minaj, confirm her in her desire to sing and rap. From freestyles in her room to karaoke, it’s in high school, during a musical workshop, that she expresses herself for the first time. A few years later, she immersed herself in an environment of artists, dancers, painters and singers.

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