Vieze Meisje


Presented by Fifty Lab Music Festival • BE

Wednesday 16.11 • 20:10 - 20:50 | Bonnefooi

Vieze Meisje is the singing, performing and all-encompassing second self of the mere mortal Maya Mertens. She writes idiosyncratic poetry that is at once heartwarmingly honest, hilariously funny and, at times, brutally elegant.


Vieze Meisje has a fangirl/fanboy collaboration going on with her producing brother-from-another-mother Azertyklavierwerke, who composes acrobatic beats, loops and sounds for a deconstructed dance feast that ends in complete sonoric mayhem.


Once you have heard and/or witnessed Vieze Meisje, you are forever part of life’s Vieze Cirkel.

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