【Yoo Doo Right】

Curated by DISTORSION 【CA】

【17.11'2021】 · 20:00-20:40 · Beursschouwburg

Inspired by the pounding rhythmic improvisations found in krautock, experimental trio Yoo Doo Right (Montréal, Canada) wed noisy, melodic guitar parts, effect-heavy synthesizer soundscapes, nonchalant bass grooves and patented percussive furies into a literal wall of sound. Solemn vocals dance in and out of the primordial sonic spectrum, creating a warm pillow to rest a weary head upon. In their honest approach to experimentation, Yoo Doo Right engages with elements of shoegaze, post-rock and psychedelia, crafting a unique sound that could be described as a “car crash in slow motion”.