Yugen Kala


Presented by WOS• ES

Wednesday 16.11 • 23:50 - 00:50 | Beursschouwburg / Silver Space

Yugen Kala (Héctor and Nico Iglesias) are two young musicians and producers from Vigo (Spain). They grew up at their father’s recording studio (sound engineer, producer and music venue owner), between mixing desks, synths and all kind of analog gear, so their truly passion for music doesn’t seem odd. What it’s surprising is their maturity and love for abstract sounds and the most avant-garde electronica at such an early age.

They released their first LP, ‘Nothing is Original’, in February 2020, counting 16 years old. The album files under exploratory, radical, dark but seductive electronic, inspired by different sources (music, films, literature...), and shows their vast catalogue of influences, from IDM to Bass, Grime, dark electronic and ambient.

‘Nothing is Original collected enthusiastic reviews from specialized media and music industry movers and shakers (Paralelo 3, Lapsus or Siglo 21, Radio 3), Mondo Sonoro, or Metal Magazine. And was highlighted as one of 2020 experimental electronic albums in different media outlets.

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