【Ze in the Clouds】

Curated by Jazz:Re:Found 【BE】

【19.11'2021】 · 19:30-20:10 · L’Archiduc

Ze in the Clouds is a cutting edge multi-intrsumentalist and producer based in Milan, Italy. He created his own compositive style as the result of his jazz origins and his continuous studying and evolution. He shares his thousand faces without any stylistic boundaries with people and musicians who have the same vision.

Born near Milano at the end of the last millennium, from a very young age Ze attracted the attention of promoters and artistic directors of the new avant-garde scene linked to jazz and electronic music

From the age of 15, he started playing in every jazz club and festival (Time in Jazz, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz, Torino Jazz Milano + others), touring both as sideman and as leader, recording 4 - mainly jazz - albums.

During the last two years he started working more on producing and composing his own new magical world (also collaborating with Italian rap artists like Willie Peyote, Mistaman).