【Cabaret vert】

Cabaret Vert is a typical French festival, for it’s not only music and entertainment, it’s about « art de vivre ». You may come for music at first as you will get the chance to hear a handful of latest hypes, big names or trendy promising bands. During 4 days, you’ll get a merry rainbow of musical styles : electronic, pop, hip hop, hard core, grunge, reggae, French « chanson », etc. But you will never want to leave when you discover the unique location along the river, the diversity and the deliciousness of typical French snacks and local beers, the « let’s talk about sustainability » IDEAL hall with a full program of debates and innovative stands, the Comics section which has become a highly anticipated meeting for any drawing lovers, the Circus square with family attractions during the day… Cabaret Vert is a happy melting pot with self-imposed requirements to improve its footprint since its creation. It addresses the necessity of ecological awareness without forgetting the fun. What else ?

Curated by 【Cabaret Vert】 at 【FIFTY LAB 2021】

Chester Remington