【Haldern Pop 】

A village of barely 6,000 inhabitants invites once a year to the Lower Rhine, hosts just as many guests and offers quite subjectively composed musical performances the deserved attention. Our pleasure lies in listening to the musical souvenirs from the distant homelands of the performing protagonists on this August weekend, and they are shared, in the truest sense of the word, with the purest of intentions. In this 'museum of trifles', collaborations are born from the ingredients of curiosity, trust and responsibility. The capital of this festival are the people who interact during this weekend - making music, listening or working behind the scenes. It is not least the hundreds of volunteers from the village and from all over the world who make this special festival possible. Today, anno 2021, we are talking about one of the most renowned and established music festivals in Europe. The brand 'Haldern Pop' stands for quality, independence and to a great extent also for experimentation. This characteristic of the festival, which has developed independently over the years, is the basis for the great trust that international artists, visitors and media place in this continuously maturing festival. We call what has been washed into our village and the Lower Rhine through this festival over the years excitement and quality of life. A warm, positive and constructive feeling that we like to save to warm ourselves even in winter. Listen. The silent revolution.

Curated by 【Haldern Pop】 at 【FIFTY LAB 2021】

Thirsty Eyes