【Metronome Festival】

Metronome Prague’s vision is to be far more than just a festival – you’re invited to enjoy unique art experiences in the comfort of the center of Prague.

The venue in the center of the city, the magic of Prague itself, the perfect timing at the most beautiful season of the year, top international stars and lots of other art forms – Metronome Prague is striving to be No. 1 among the metropolitan music and art events.

Metronome Prague is the premier international music and arts event held in Prague, now into its fifth year. The organizers aim to appeal to audiences of all ages and tastes, focusing on the very latest in modern music while not neglecting living legends in various genres. After four years, the event is entering a new era. The first step involves changing the event’s name to “Metronome Prague – Music and Arts Fair” and expanding the original two-day celebration of music by one more day. After being postponed three times, initially from June to September 2020, then to June 2021 and finally to June 2022, the time has come to restart the preparations for the event. This is done in time to bring you the best musical feast you can dream of for the next year. Follow the news about Metronome. We believe you’ll be really pleased.

Curated by 【Metronome】 at 【FIFTY LAB 2021】

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