【MUTEK Barcelona】

MUTEK.ES is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009 in Barcelona, dedicated to the dissemination, development and internationalisation of digital creativity in sound, music and audiovisual art, whose main activity is the annual presentation of its festival, which has its continuity in different multidisciplinary cycles and projects that MUTEK.ES presents throughout the year.After 12 years, the festival’s future-seeking mandate has matured—and while the promise has in many ways caught up with the present—its commitment to the ongoing mutations and variations of contemporary digital creativity remain, with its eyes and ears still fixated on what comes next.The festival extends now to 5 days and nights creating an international rendezvous for artists and publics alike, providing a context for discovery and exchange. It also magnifies Barcelona, not just as its urban backdrop, but as the source of so much of its creative soul; the local is always elevated in dialogue with exceptional artists from around the world.A MUTEK network exists, with ramifications in North America, South America, Europe and Asia which provides an essential platform to promote and explore wide-ranging artistic content, all the while reflecting a cultural effervescence that is both real and global. As the only MUTEK satellite based in Europe, MUTEK.ES provides a unique landing spot for MUTEK’s international network on the European continent.In over a decade, we have had the pleasure of presenting a series of experiences carried out by artists who are at the forefront of digital innovation: premieres of special pieces and performances, installations, immersive art from the finest emerging and ground-breaking digital arts talent, while simultaneously supporting the Catalan and local artistic community.

Curated by 【MUTEK Barcelona】 at 【FIFTY LAB 2021】

Ze in the Clouds